Mobile Mapping

Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic knowledge in geography

Course Objective

The training programme will concentrate on working, collection and displaying the spatial data. On completion of this course participants can understand the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS), they can handle the GPS for collecting the location information and also they will learn how to download and display the data on the desktop GIS Environment.

Module I: Fundamentals of Spatial Data

  • About GPS;
  • History of GPS;
  • Segments of GPS;
  • Uses of GPS;
  • Working technology of GPS;
  • About Almanac files;
  • Selective Availability;
  • Sources of errors in GPS;
  • Introduction to DGPS.

Module II: Working with GPS

  • Hands-on-Experience with Garmin GPS;
  • Accumulating Way points and Track points using GPS;
  • Working with .gpx files;
  • Exhibiting the collected data in Quantum GIS.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Understand the working technology of GPS.
  • Learn the Importance of Almanac Files.
  • Work with the GPS and collect Spatial Data.
  • Understand, how to extract the data from the device and load it into Quantum GIS.

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