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Essential brainpower is provided by our skilled geospatial services team to assist our clients’ in their decision making process. The technical expertise of our team is applied across database design, conceptual and physical data modeling, development and implementation. Our Geospatial Services team gives our clients critical insight, expert guidance and rock-solid information for a variety of highly complex challenges. The services that we offer are given below;

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GeoDB Modeling and Design

The utilization of well drafted data models ensures the efficient storage of geospatial data. GeoICON offers the best of the breed database design and development service. These services include initial database design, conceptual data modeling, physical data modeling, and database implementation.

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Application Development

Workflow specific applications are more effective in maintaining accurate, up-to-date data and performing department-specific business process and analysis. Many organisations have realized the benefit of using workflow specific applications. We at GeoICON specialize in providing our clients with workflow specific applications.

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GeoData Management

GeoICON’s highly-skilled team of analysts will aid you in gaining the maximum possible value from your spatial data. Our expertise and experience in working with an expansive range of data types across a vast variety of geospatial platforms enable us to offer many different spatial data management services.

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User Requirement Assessment

We start our service with a thorough evaluation of our clients’ needs for an enterprise geospatial application. A comprehensive assessment of software, hardware, data, staffing, and management requirements will be done by our geospatial consultants. This will help us determine the requirements from both an enterprise and department-by-department perspective.

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GeoIcon - Services - Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Making geospatial information available to users in a meaningful way is a challenge as organizations are faced with the complex task of managing disparate data from a range of sources. Not only is this a technical challenge, it also requires policies and standards for sharing and accessing information and an agreed definition of best practice management.

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GeoIcon - Services - System Integration

System Integration

Our highly qualified consultants have the database and business skills to analyze business information and setup integrated solutions for our clients. GeoICON integrates data in multiple systems into a geospatial decision support system for organizations, using Data Integration, System Integration, or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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GeoIcon - Services - Virtualization


Many businesses and government agencies have recognized the advantages of virtualization in their IT environments. Virtualization can help businesses reduce equipment and operating costs, meet the needs of employees and customers more rapidly and respond to changing business conditions quickly and efficiently.

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