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GeoICON is a trusted Geospatial service provider in the industry. Our flagship product GeoBind® provides a comprehensive solution for systems integration. GeoICON provides the best in the line of Vehicle Tracking and fleet management solutions for clients with various requirements. GIS Web Hosting services enables organizations minimize cost by avoiding the installation of an in-house GIS server facility.

In addition to the above GeoICON offers best of the breed third–party products for the benefit of our clients.

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GeoBind® is the flagship product developed by GeoICON. Its a business integration middleware framework for rapid application development. The need for such a framework comes when organization find themselves with many sub systems like databases, application servers, files to be connected for a state of the art, spatial centric business applications.

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Vehicle Tracking

Our Vehicle tracking enables you to maximise the potential of your organization. The simplest of its functions enables you to have real time access to the location of each and every one of your vehicles, where they are going, how fast they are travelling and how far they are from the next customer.

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WebGIS Hosted Service

Our GIS Web Hosting services accommodate GeoSpatial applications for organizations that need to take advantage of the productivity improvements available with GIS without investing in an in-house GIS server facility. The combined experience and knowledge of GeoICON’s pool of highly skilled specialists is the basis of our service.

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OpenGeo Suite

The OpenGeo Suite combines the power of open source plus the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor behind a full stack of software. It delivers functionality and flexibility for enterprises large and small. With an integrated spatial database, application server, and client API, the OpenGeo Suite contains everything to publish geospatial data and maps.

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Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Postgres Plus Advanced Server offers enterprise features not available in the community edition of PostgreSQL. If you are looking for the absolute best in Security, Development, Ease of Use, Performance, Scalability, or Compatibility, with a TCO for any budget, and backed by world wide world class support, then you need Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

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