Advanced GeoServer

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should have completed the Introduction to Geoserver Module

Course Objective

This course will include the GeoServer user interface, OGC web services, map styling with SLD and Styler, and tile caching with GeoWebCache. This course covers advanced visualization topics.

Module I: Geoserver in Production Environment

  • Working with GeoServer;
  • Data Preparation;
  • Basic cartography;
  • Thematic colour schemes;
  • Styled Layered Descriptors (SLD);
  • Creating a New SLD;
  • Applying the SLD to Layers.

Module II: Management and Deployment

  • Creating New Roles;
  • Securities in Geoserver;
  • Different Level of Securities;
  • Tuning the Performance and reliability;
  • Deployment Options.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Understand the full-fledge working technology of Geoserver.
  • Learn how to create new styles and load the existing styles.
  • Understand how to Manage the Sessions and tune the Performance.
  • Learn the Deployment option in GeoServer.

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