Spatial Analysis

Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic knowledge and working skills with GIS

Course Objective

This course introduces the basic principles and techniques of understanding and working with Spatial Data. The course will provide a working knowledge using spatial data and tools related to careers in the geosciences. This course will give you the foundation that you need for deriving new information from your GIS data to solve complicated real-world spatial problems. The course predominantly consists of hands-on lab exercises, although lectures will be used to introduce concepts.

Module I: Fundamentals of Spatial Data

  • Features as raster;
  • Raster coordinate systems;
  • Raster resolution;
  • Raster cell coincidence;
  • Raster Resampling;
  • Raster Registration;
  • Cell Values;
  • Zones and regions in Raster;
  • Raster attribute tables;
  • Raster formats;
  • ESRI grid format;
  • Analysis environments and settings.

Module II: Analyzing Surfaces

  • Creating Contours;
  • Hill shades and its prominence;
  • Shaded relief map;
  • Understanding and calculating slope;
  • Aspect and viewshed;

Understanding Map Algebra

  • Introduction to Map Algebra;
  • Working with operators and functions;
  • Understanding logical values;
  • Working with functions and operators.

Module IV: Interpolation

  • About Interpolation;
  • Basic principles of Interpolation;
  • Create surfaces using interpolation;
  • Control Sample Points using Interpolation;
  • Various Interpolation tools;
  • Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW);
  • Natural Neighbors;
  • Spline;
  • Kriging;
  • Kriging models.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Create and prepare data, including imagery, for use in models.
  • Learn to perform sight suitability analyses to determine line of sight and visibility of features from specific viewing points.
  • Create risk models to identify critical infrastructure.
  • Develop suitability models to identify optimal locations for resource deployment.
  • Produce general threat rating and vulnerability maps.

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