Beginners Quantum GIS

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should be graduate with interest in GIS

Course Objective

The QGIS beginner’s course is for GIS users and interested persons from universities, public administrations and businesses and teaches basic principles of using Quantum GIS. Part of this training is also an insight into working with the GRASS plugin.

Module I: Open source GIS and Quantum GIS

  • Open Source GIS:
    • Introduction to Open source GIS;
    • Benefits of Open Source GIS.
  • Quantum GIS:
    • Introduction to Quantum GIS;
    • Installation of Quantum GIS;
    • Introduction to the Interface of Quantum GIS;
    • Fundamentals on projections.

Module II: Georeferencing, Data Creation and Data Retrieval

  • Georeferencing:
    • Definition of Georeferencing;
    • Prominence of Georeferencing in GIS.
  • Vectorization/Editing:
    • Spatial data editing;
    • Editing tools and Functionalities;
    • Concept of Snapping and its importance;
    • Managing edit Sessions;
    • Managing Attribute data.
  • Data Retrieval:
    • Selection and its prominence;
    • Performing different sets of queries;
    • Types of selection.

Module III: Analysis and Map Layout

  • Spatial Analysis:
    • Introduction to Spatial Analysis;
    • Proximity Analysis;
    • Overlay Analysis;
    • Defining Buffer;
    • Union;
    • Clip, and Dissolve.
  • Map Layout:
    • Introducing Map templates;
    • Map Elements;
    • Grids and Graticules.

Module IV: Working with GRASS

  • Introducing Raster Data;
  • Raster Data Management using GRASS;
  • Performing Various Analysis using GRASS.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Understand the importance of Open source GIS and Quantum GIS.
  • Learn how to create and work with the spatial Data in Quantum GIS.
  • Learn to Georeference a Map Using Quantum and data retrieval using Quantum GIS.
  • Understand the Analysis and Learn to work with the GRASS environment in Quantum GIS.

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