Advanced Quantum GIS

Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisites: Participants should have completed the “Beginners Quantum GIS” Module

Course Objective

The course is for experienced Quantum GIS and GIS users from universities, public administrations and enterprises based on the Quantum GIS (I) Introduction knowledge of Quantum GIS. Special attention is placed on interoperability with external applications such as GRASS, PostGIS, and working with external plugins.

Module I: Postgis and Quantum GIS

  • Establishing the Database connection to Postgis;
  • Viewing the spatial data;
  • Editing the data in database environment.

Module II: Working with Various Plugins in Quantum GIS

  • Rasters:
    • Introducing Raster Data;
    • Raster Data Management using GRASS;
    • Performing Various Analysis using GRASS.
  • Open street Plugin:
    • Working with the Opens Street Plugins;
    • Fetching Google;
    • Yahoo and Bing Maps in Quantum GIS Desktop.
  • GPS Tools:
    • Establishing connection with Garmin GPS to Download and display the data;
  • Mapserver:
    • Establishing connection to connect to the Mapserver Environment;

Module III: Working with GDAL and Manage R Plugin

  • Working with GDAL;
  • GDAL Settings;
  • Manage R Plugins;
  • Explore Data Variability and Spatial Relations;
  • Interpolation Techniques.

On Completion

On completion of this course you can:

  • Learn how to establish a connection in quantum GIS to connect with PostGIS.
  • Learn to Edit and update the Spatial Data in Database environment.
  • Learn to work with Google and Yahoo maps in Quantum GIS.
  • Learn to work with Various Plugins including GPS Tools, Mapserver, GDAL and Manage R.
  • Understand various interpretation techniques.

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