Ext JS is a pure JavaScript application framework for building interactive web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. This framework is cross-browser and it is available under either a commercial or open source license. With help of this framework it is possible to build rich user interfaces deploying reusable GUI components from large collection.

Ext JS 4 is a major step forward for web frameworks. Building on Ext JS 3.3, the latest release adds over 350 new APIs, 50 new classes, and 65% more documentation. Ext JS 4 also brings an entirely new data package that enables developers to use a model-view-controller architecture when building their app. The new MVC enables apps to leverage features like Infinite Scrolling a Grid to build an entirely new level of interactivity into web apps.

Ext JS offers an extraordinary range of user interface widgets. High performance, scalable grids, trees, menus, and more. If required component is missed in the core library, it could be founded in the thousands of user extensions from very strong Sencha community.

Ext JS 4 delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, delivering pixel perfect visuals on any browser on any operating system. Leveraging SVG and VML, Ext JS 4’s new charting packages lets developers design and program their graphs once and never have to worry if they’ll work. All this functionality available in pure JavaScript which makes developer free from any proprietary browser plugins.

A core strength of Ext JS is its component design. Developer can easily extend the default components to meet the needs, and extensions will be encapsulated within just those components. As a result, a development teams can create even the largest applications without stepping on each other’s code.

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